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East Penn Soccer Club/Super Nova East Penn  

The following information is from EPYSA. Additional information can be found on their site:

This information does not replace the advice or direction of medical professionals. The risks of infection still exist. Until a vaccine or cure is developed for COVID-19, we must proceed cautiously and continue to monitor and comply with the Governor’s office, PA Department of Health, CDC and any other federal or local regulations.

General Hygiene and Safety Protocols

●     Wash your hands frequently

●     Have hand sanitizer available for all at times

●     No sharing of water, snacks or equipment

●     No shaking hands, high fives, fist bump, hugs, etc…

●     Social distancing =  six (6) feet apart

●     No player or coach can attend if they are feeling sick

●     Sick players or coaches must quarantine as required by CDC/PA Dept. of Health.  Can only return with a Doctor’s approval.  Must show notice to the club.

●     Disinfect all training equipment- cones, goals, flags etc.  Only coaches can touch or move equipment.

●     Coaches to wear a face mask as per CDC/PA Dept. of Health at all times.

●     Players to wear face mask when not involved in soccer activities or on the bench.  Player may wear mask during activity at parents or players discretion.

●     Scrimmage vests washed after every session.  Should consider it personal equipment, and provide each player with their own.

●     Each ball sanitized before/after every practice or game.

●     Only one coach may attend to an injured player.  Must wear mask and gloves.

●     Minimize contact with other teams before, during and after each session.

This is a general list. Please consult PA Department of Health and CDC hygiene and safety protocols which must be followed in all stages

Number of participant and parents limited and based on field size/space: 

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•Comply with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer and any additional club directives or requirements. Share information with your son or daughter.

No signs of COVID-19 for the player the past 14 days and no known exposure before sending him or her to training. Sick players and coaches must stay at home and follow appropriate health guidelines.

•Determine if you want your child to wear a face mask during training.

•Sanitize and wash all equipment and uniforms after training

•Pack hand sanitizer and a face mask in his or her bag.

Spectators are not essential to training and not recommended to attend,  however, it may be necessary for younger players. The township permits no more than two spectators per person. Please remain in your vehicle whenever possible.

•Comply with social distancing and mask directives. Adhere to rules of the club regarding attending training session

•Direct your child to never share water, snacks or equipment.

•Notify club and coach should your child become ill.

•Do not assist coach or coaches with equipment at the beginning or end of practice.

•If the ball goes off touchline or end line allow players or coach to retrieve the ball.

•Parents make the ultimate decision on their child's attendance participation.

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•Activity may begin within your club only.  Activity must be kept local, within your community.

•No contact training. No games. No interaction with other organizations.

•Individuals must comply with restrictions of their home county.

•Comply with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer and any additional club directives or requirements.

•Reinforce directives, policies and protocols as necessary with parents and children.

•As players arrive, inquire how they’re feeling. If they are ill or appear to be ill, send them home.

•Supply your medical kit or bag with gloves, extra masks, sanitizer, and facial tissues.

•Implement social distancing at all times. Each player and their equipment at least six (6) feet from the next player.

•Coaches wear masks at all times.

•Players may wear masks during training at their discretion. Must wear when not engaged in soccer activity.

•Only coaches may touch or move equipment. Players do not touch or move equipment.

•No bodily contact in training.

•Avoid activities involving lines, maintain social distancing in training (review the US Soccer Grassroots Recommendation Guide under the resources below)

•Sanitize all equipment after training.

•Scrimmage vests are not recommended.

•Minimize interaction with other teams that train before or after you. Emphasize player should go straight to cars.

•Be positive, fun and engaging. Help the children acclimate and reintegrate.

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Individual Player:

Your player has been excluded from play because of either:

1. Symptoms or illness consistent with COVID-19, or

2. Contact with someone having or suspected of having COVID-19.

To return to play, your player/child must satisfy CDC criteria for healthcare workers having or exposed to COVID-19. 

These are summarized in the templates below. To return to play, your player/child must provide a doctor's note after following the strategies below based on the scenario experienced by the player/child.


1.     TEST-BASED STRATEGY  - player/child will be excluded from play until:

              a.   player/child submits to two (2) consecutive tests collected at least 24-hours apart with negative results; AND

              b.   Resolution of fever without use of fever reducing medications (such as Tylenol or Motrin); AND

              c.   Improvement in respiratory symptoms (such as cough, shortness of breath)

2.     NON-TEST-BASED STRATEGY -  player/child will be excluded from play until:

              a.  At least three (3) days (72 hours) have passed since recovery. Recovery is defined as:

                          i.Resolution of fever without use of fever-reducing medications; AND

                          ii.Improvement in respiratory symptoms (such as cough, shortness of breath); AND

              b.  At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared. 

   If the player/child satisfies either strategy, they can return to play.



1.    If the source is demonstrated not to have COVID-19, the player/child may return to play, if well.

2.    If the source has COVID-19, the player/child must be excluded until 14 days have passed since the last contact with the source; or 14 days since the source has satisfied the non-test-based strategy above.

3.    If the source was not tested and so cannot be confirmed as having or not having COVID-19, player/child is excluded until:

                      a. 14 days after last contact OR

                      b. 14 days after the source has satisfied the non-test-based strategy above.

Following the above action plan for player/child, if that player/child is suspected of having COVID-19 the entire team that player is on will be required to follow the steps above and will need to shut down any face to face practice until either that suspected source player demonstrates not to have COVID-19 or has satisfied the 14 quarantine requirement outlined above.  

Parents are not encouraged to be on the field during practice coaches are required to obtain emergency contact numbers for all players in the event or illness/injury during practice.  Parents should be prepared to provide this information at the beginning of the season. 



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