Frequently Asked Questions

Teams are formed and organized to provide an opportunity for boys and girls to develop their soccer skills to the greatest degree possible. Boys and girls teams range from ages U7 through U19 (High School).

Q. What is 'travel soccer'?

A. Travel soccer is for players (and their families) interested in developing their abilities beyond the recreational level, as travel soccer requires a much greater level of commitment. Each player is expected to dedicate the time and effort necessary to continually improve his or her individual skills while contributing to their team. Travel soccer requires playing games outside the club in a local league with home matches at Adams-Ricci Park and with travel to away matches against other clubs in the central Pennsylvania area. Generally speaking, away games are within a half-hour drive, although there are a few exceptions as the CPYSL league extends from Williamsport to the Maryland line. There is also travel to local, regional or out-of-state tournaments depending on the interests of the parents, coaches and players.

Q. How Competitive is EPSC?

A. Four levels of travel soccer are available: Division IV, Division III, Division II, Division I and Premier. Every level requires more commitment and ability. Most EPSC teams play in either Division III or Division II. Our Super Nova East Penn Teams participate in the premier and elite divisions. Competition is challenging at all levels. Playing on a team takes a serious time commitment from both players and parents. Each player is expected to dedicate the time and effort necessary to continually improve his or her individual skills while contributing to their team.

Q. Can players outside of the East Pennsboro area join EPSC?

A. Yes. All players, regardless of residency, are welcome to contact a coach regarding an open roster position.

Q. How Much Time Do I Have to Commit To Practices?

A. Because we are a competitive club, practice time is very important. For the most part, teams practice twice a week, Monday through Friday, for about an hour and a half (three hours a week).

Q. What Should I Expect From A Travel Program?

A. Many people fear that a travel program is too competitive and driven by a "winning is everything attitude" that will impact players. EPSC believes that the pursuit of excellence helps to develop mature, confident young men and women. EPSC strives to provide an environment that fosters quality growth for our young soccer players by focusing on key ingredients of player development, such as technical and tactical understanding, quality coaching, physical preparation, psychological development; while also contributing to the personal development of our players in areas of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, caring, fairness and citizenship.

Q. What is the playing season?

A. The local playing season extends year-round, with actual time commitment varying by team preferences. EPSC recognizes the benefits of the young athletes participating in different activities during the long soccer season. The club's primary playing seasons are the CPYSL outdoor seasons. The CPYSL fall season runs from early September through early November. The CPYSL spring season runs from early April through early June. Games are typically played on Saturdays and/or Sundays. During the winter months, teams may elect to participate in indoor leagues held at various locations like the Yellow Breaches Sport Center in New Cumberland. Decisions on indoor session participation are made by each head coach. As teams progress in age and ability, each may also elect to participate in tournaments. Tournament participation requires entry fees. Tournaments outside of the local area may require an overnight stay. These costs are in addition to the registration fees paid to the club each season and are to be handled by the participating team.

Q. What is expected of an EPSC Player?

A. Each player is expected to dedicate the time and effort necessary to continually improve his or her individual skills while contributing to the team's success. In order to thrive in a competitive soccer environment, the player must have a sincere desire to improve. Player expectations include:

  • Representing the team and club in a positive manner at all times.

  • Maintaining good grades and behavior in school.

  • Being on time for practice and pre-game warm-ups.

  • Notifying a coach in advance, to the greatest extent possible, of an absence or tardiness.

  • Attending, to the greatest extent possible, all practices and games.

  • Coming to each game prepared and dressed to play (shin guards, home and away uniforms, ball, socks, cleats, water bottle, etc.).

  • Maintaining a positive mental attitude toward both games and practice.

  • Continually developing skills on non-practice days.

  • Dedicating time to off-season conditioning and training.

  • Representing a 'committed' image by doing such things as keeping shirts tucked in at all times during games, hair out of face, laces tied, etc.

  • Paying attention and respecting coaches and trainers during club activities, practices and games.

  • Displaying good sportsmanship at all times toward the team, opponents and referees.

Q. What is the cost participating in EPSC?
A. Expenses vary by team, depending on the age of the player and the level of play. The club conducts fundraisers in order to keep registration costs lower and teams are permitted to organize fundraising activities to offset some costs. Key items that factor significantly into the cost are professional training, tournament play and indoor league play. Generally speaking, classic travel team costs range between $150-400/player/season. Our premier and elite teams can range from $60 to $99 a month, plus tournament and registration costs.

Q. Who governs EPSC?
A. A Board of Directors oversees the club. Board members are elected by club membership and serve voluntarily. As a result, the success of the club depends largely upon the degree to which volunteers donate their time, energy and knowledge. Board of Directors meetings are open to all EPSC members and are typically held monthly.

Q. Who can I go to with questions?
A. The EPSC Board meets on a monthly basis. Questions should be directed to the Board as a whole or to any one of the Board members (listed on the club website, board members.)

Q. Does EPSC Need Volunteers?
A. Our club is growing and volunteers are needed and necessary for continued growth. Below is a list of areas where we are looking for individuals whose time and talent we are seeking.

•Sponsor and Fundraising Director: Duties include selecting and organizing fundraising opportunities to benefit both the club and it's players. Seeking area sponsors to support the club. Funds to be used to benefit players for training, equipment and uniforms costs.

•Picture Coordinator: Duties include interviewing, selecting and contracting with a local photographer for scheduled team photos.

•Tournament Director: Duties include organizing a small introductory tournament hosted by our club.

•Newsletter Coordinator: Duties include compiling, editing and distribution of the club newsletter.

•Field Maintenance Crew: Duties would include lining the fields and setting up the goals.

Parents who decide to volunteer with the club will receive volunteer credits towards their registration. Please email Ubaldo Murillo at if you are interested in volunteering.

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