Letter From Club President

Hello EPSC Families, 

No matter how I put it, I doubt I could fully capture or describe how 2020 has been for your families. Just like you, I hope that we continue to successfully make our way to a new normal. Although this has been a difficult time, we have managed to continue to operate while being successful. I want to thank our coaches for their creativity and patience to make the sessions safe for our players during this past season. Parents, I know you had to adapt to a lot of changes as well, so many virtual sessions for school and work, as well as changes in sports, which resulted in many challenges. 

I am happy to say that even with the many challenges we faced, unlike other clubs in our area, our club grew during these difficult times. In fact, since our rebranding, we have grown consistently by an average of 30% each season. We continue to offer our members one of the lowest registration fees in our area, while still offering our players quality fields and highly qualified coaches. As a result, we continue to have teams developing, which was made evident during this last season.

As most of you know, our board works extremely hard to provide our players with a unique experience, so that each player and parent is proud to be a part of the club. For example, our travel club teams currently have an affordable customized uniform that is only used by our club and no one else in the country. This will also be occurring for our Super Nova East Penn Teams next fall, 2021. We also managed to create an affordable online club store for our travel and premier teams that is open year-round. This store not only helps the club to fundraise, but it also benefits our local businesses that supply the articles for sale within the store. 

Our board has continued to work hard by ensuring our player’s safety. This was made evident by the agreement made with the Wormleysburg Borough, which allowed the club to extend its outdoor practices by practicing under the lights. We also negotiated an agreement, which provides a unique experience for all the travel teams currently participating in the winter season, by leasing the entire Sports City Complex. This allowed our travel teams to be the only ones in the building during their practices. Therefore, keeping our players safe while helping them to continue with their development. We also believe soccer is the universal language that unites us all and we need the winter programs, more than ever, to help combat the negative effects of COVID-19 in our communities, by ensuring that our youth can build social connections and stay active.

I am proud to be the East Penn Soccer Club President and to serve with such a dedicated group of board members. I am also proud to say that we have one of the most supportive parents around. This combination of support allows us to continue to grow, not only by our numbers, but also in the value, we can offer to the players and their families. 

As we look forward to a successful new year, I would like to wish everyone a healthy 2021. 


Ubaldo Murillo
Club President
East Penn Soccer Club (EPSC)

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