Win a trip to England!

Super Nova East Penn '06 Girls

Win a trip to England!


By the age of 14, girls drop out of sports at an alarming rate. Many of them drop out because opportunities and experiences are lacking. In addition to a lack of opportunities for girls during this crucial period in their lives, many experience a negative social stigma with being an athlete. They may be bullied, isolated socially, and may want to drop out of sports due to many social pressures. Which includes being inundated with images of external beauty, and not those of confident, strong athletic female role models, this is especially true for women of color.

Super Nova East Penn wants to provide girls with opportunities and experience through the sport of soccer and give female soccer players reasons to stay involved in the sport. Girls at any age will become successful with strong encouragement to participate in sports and healthy physical activities.  By providing quality facilities and trained coaches we know that girls learn important life skills through sports that help them succeed. Skills such as teamwork, leadership, positive communication and confidence.

Girls that participate in sports during their youth are more likely to live healthy lifestyles when they are adults. More than three-fourths of working women feel sports has enhanced their self-image and athletes tend to have a more positive body image than non-athletes. Most importantly we want girls to have the opportunity to participate in high quality, fun and engaging programming that is accessible and inclusive on all levels.

As school sports budgets are being slashed every day and clubs sports are costing more and more means families must pay more out of pocket for their children to receive the bonuses playing sports bring. This additional expense is just not possible for many families. It is our goal to level the playing field for girls of all communities to grow and become successful from their participation in sports.

The Super Nova East Penn '06 girls have an opportunity to go to England to watch some of the top female soccer players in the world. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. The girls and their families will take a (10) day trip to England to train, and play (3) games, watch (2) Women’s Euro games, and tour London and Manchester. This opportunity also comes with a heavy price tag. Therefore, the players will be coming around to sell raffle tickets during the Saturday games on October 23, 31, and November 11. The raffle tickets will only be $10 each. Raffle tickets will also be available for purchase at the concession stand. 

Grand Prize winners will receive:

  • Two round trip flights to Manchester, England
  • Two night accommodations
  • Two tickets to the final game of Manchester United's season at Old Trafford Stadium.
  • The drawing will be held on March 1, 2022. 

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